iSecure – Secure Empty Trash in macOS High Sierra

Recently, technology giant Apple Inc. changed entire file system in its desktop operating system macOS Sierra (10.12) which yielded some negative outcomes from the users especially developers for its functionality. Although it is robust and even more secure than ever before, features such as “Secure Empty Trash” and “srm” command have been dropped keeping in SSD usage in mind for Mac devices. Those unique features of macOS helped thousands of users to delete their confidential data which cannot be recovered by any recovery software.

To overcome the disappeared feature of Secure Empty Trash and srm command, I’ve created a a tiny app called iSecure for your macOS device which helps you to securely delete the files and folders in your macOS trash with U.S. Department of Defence standards with a single click. iSecure is limitedly free. So, get it NOW and securely delete your private files and folders with a simple click !

Tech Specs

  • Version Support : 10.10 – 10.13 (macOS High Sierra)
  • U.S. Department of Defence data destruction standard
  • App Size : Less than 10 MB
  • Price : $7.99 (FREE for a limited time)
  • Download Link

If you found iSecure helpful, share it with your friends, colleagues and family members.  Got any doubts, errors, feedback ? Feel free to comment on Youtube !


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