Set Wunderlist custom background in Mac

Many a times, you might be wondering to set your own awesome picture getting replaced with those boring default wallpapers on Wunderlist App on your Mac OS X. 

It’s much simpler to use custom background in Wunderlist App on a Mac & that too without purchasing Wunderlist Pro !

Note : Buying Wunderlist Pro is a worth for several other features that is absent on free version. But the problem is, you still cannot upload your own background if you buy Wunderlist Pro.

But the solution is much simpler. Watch the video below & get it done within several moments. 

(For newbies !)

What is Wunderlist ?

  • Wunderlist is a must have app for your digital device in this much busier life. It organizes your tasks efficiently & effectively.
  • You can download free version of Wunderlist at: is available for Windows PC, Mac OS X, iOS , Android, Windows Phone, Kindle & even as a extension for browser in Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

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